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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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trump ordered an airstrike of 60 tomahawk missiles in the region. high winds causing damage across the bay area. >> it is part of a tree on the roof. >> meteorologist rosemary is tracking the next round of rain heading our way. 4 on 2 starts now. up to 4,000 gallons of fuel now floating on the san francisco bay. the freight barge carrying it all capsized from the storm's powerful winds. a protective barrier is working to contain that spill. >> the u.s. coast guard and a host of other state and national agencies are in the 15th hour carefully trying to control and monitor the oil and fuel spill from a barge that sank last night. >> tom is following this developing story and is joining us now. >> reporter: what i think we want to do is go up to sky fox. they are directly over the scene.
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you may or may not be able to see the barge at the bottom of the bay because of the water. that's precisely where, precisely where this barge has gone down and where the crews have been looking at it and monitoring it and booming it. they want to make sure if any oil or fuels come up, that they are contained within the boom and can be absorbed quickly on the scene. this situation would have been a lot worse. the fact is since we are in the middle of it it could be a lot worse. >> initial reports is the weather caused the capsize. incident management department has a team set up for emergency responses. we contacted all partnering agencies and local assets to start beginning mobile sayings. >> once on scene we discovered the barge was actively sheening. we, as the coast guard hired
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nrcs and they brought out boom material to create a prevention mitigation for the environment. >> so far we have not seen any visible oil wildlife. we have crews monitoring for them. if we see them we'll active the oil wildlife network. california has a top-notch program for rehabilitation. >> we had multiple flights showing no shoreline assessment impact at this time. >> reporter: back up to sky fox, all this happened at 1:00 this morning. the wind was blowing. the sea was raging. very likely what happened, although there is no conclusion yet, is that waves literally  washed into the barge and caused the barge to founder and to capsize. the situation is you have a barge and a crane sitting at the bottom of the bay. there is still fuel oil on board and lube oil on board.
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as long as they can pump that out later, everything will be fairly decently taken care of. the problem is should one of those tanks rupture, with 4,000 gallons of diesel, that would be a different thing. for a moment this seems to be contained as well as it can be contained given all the other circumstances. reporting live tom baker ktvu. >> in the long run what is the plan with the barge? will they try to pull it up from under water? >> reporter: first thing they'll do is have a diving firm go down. they'll try to attach hoses to the tank that contained the diesel fuel and the lube oil, 300 gallons of that. that's really bad stuff. that's the tough that can easy kill birds. once they get the oil off they can put other cranes to lift it out of the water so that when
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it finally is out of the water they can refloat it or put it on another barge and cart it back to some place to assess all of the damage and continue their investigation. because you have to remember, this is now a serious legal issue for the owner of the barge. the responsible party. that person is called. if they find there were things that should not have happened they are going to stand for some liability above and beyond the absolute liability they have even though the barge was taken down by nature. they are responsible for the consequences. that's the situation going forward. >> all right. live on the bay thank you very much. let's talk to rosemary about our weather. it really came in last night. >> pretty good winter-like storm. we had a lot of wind. some peeks upwards of 70 miles per hour. yes, indeed. we had power outages. we had slides going on. we saw quite a bit of rain. this afternoon a few scattered
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showers and shover. here's a look at the temperatures. 57 santa rosa. oakland 64. san jose 64. storm tracker 2 showing you a few hit-or-miss shower at this hour. we'll go to the north bay. look at where there is a little bit more green on the screen along highway 101. stretching into the napa valley. know i-80 vallejo scattered showers. east bay picking up on light rain along the east bay shoreline from richmond. may have crossing between the bay bridge between oakland and san francisco. not a lot going on at the moment. we have another round coming our way. here's a look at the tahoe area traveling up be prepared for winter travel. not only for tonight but tomorrow, as well. there is an advisory, a winter
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storm warning that goes until 5:00 for 50 as well as 80. if you are traveling you'll find hazardous roadways. we get in the evening hours 7:00 it becomes more wide- spread over the north bay. areas around 9:00 or so into san francisco. by 10:00 it is fairly wide- spread. if you have evening plans, be prepared. you are going to need the rain gear. it is expected to last through the evening hours. as far as rainfall amounts nothing like the last 24-hours or with the last system. could pick up a third of an inch or so over santa rosa. some folks like the santa clara mountains picked up two inches with the last system. winds will also be picking up ahead of this next system. not as strong as last night. mark is live on the bay bridge monitoring those conditions. how is it going out there mark? >> reporter: no rain drops here. the wind is picking up. a bit of a breeze over the past
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few minutes. i have been watching my anemometer. winds over 10 miles per hour. nothing too extreme yet. let's show you the bay waters and the bay bridge. as far as expensive wind advisories or high wind warnings nothing in effect now. last night that was a different story. the winds really rapping up with the strong cold front. let's look at the video from last night. an overturned big rig that happened 8:30 blocking all westbound lanes heading into san francisco. people that were stuck in the backups felt like the cars were shaking or an earthquake because of the strong winds in place. we have the wind speeds from last night. right around the bay bridge. winds gusting, as we look at the numbers, to over 50 miles per hour. oakland airport close to 60 miles per hour. very strong winds last night. we talked about a southerly wind. we can show you coming back out live toward the bay now. the southerly wind is heading from the south.
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heading from the south to the north. racing across the bay bridge clipping the bay bridge. if you are driving this span yesterday from oakland to san francisco, the rain squalls were going from the eastbound lanes to the westbound lanes. of course, that was the case last night. rosemary was talking about the chance of a few showers for tonight, thankfully the winds will not be as strong. still a little bit of a breeze gusts 30 miles per hour. last night we had gusts 50 approaching 60 miles per hour. tonight be extra careful crossing the span both ways from san francisco or oakland. i'll have your full forecast coming up later on tonight at pack. >> thank you very much. powerful winds brought down dozens of trees across the bay area. fire crews say a woman suffered a minor head injury when a large tree slammed into her home on east fifth street last night. it caused major damage to the roof and the inside of her home. firefighters say the woman inside was taken to the hospital. she is expected to recover.
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pg&e crews were on the scene of a downed tree that took out power lines at walnut creek. it happened at milton avenue last night. we were told the power is expected to be restored in an hour. at the height of the storm, 180,000 customers lost power. president trump sending a military message to syria after the deadly chemical attack this week. the response was in the vital national interest of the united states. some in congress say he went too far. doug is in washington with the latest now. >> reporter: many are commending the swift response to tuesday's chemical attack in syria. others say the president needs congressional consent before giving the green light. tom tomahawktomahawk missiles taking off. air base support structures
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destroyed rendering it useless. president trump called syria a barbaric chemical attack on civilians. there was no comment on friday. the timing of the chinese president sending an unmistakable signal to china and other potential advesary advesaries. u.n. amortization nikki haley firing back. >> the world is waiting for russia to reconsider its misplaced alliance with assad. >> reporter: the debate back home, should president trump retaliated without congressional approval. >> this was a strategic attack. the president has to have the ability to act. >> the president has to get it in the right order. you should not start a war without congress debating and voting. >> reporter: on capitol hill friday afternoon military leaders briefed senators about the operation.
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here are the facts so far. fox news learned a russian warship is moving in the eastern mediterranean. another sign tensions are indeed high. i'm joined by a couple experts in the field. professor of politics and middle eastern studies at usf and professor from san jose. do you feel this strike was warranted? >> certainly the use of chemical weapons by the syria regime is bad and an international response was necessary.
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there was no united nations authorization and no immediate threat to the united states. there was no congressional authorization. there are legal questions involved. given the syrian regime has lost 150,000 men and countless amounts of military assets, the destruction of a handful of aircraft and soldiers would be much of a deterrent. it seemed to be a symbolic measure. cynics might say for domestic consumption than impact on the ground. >> you mentioned some of the controversy regarding congressional approval. first, let's talk a little bit about the footage we have been seeing of the air base targeted. we know the runway aircraft and other areas were destroyed there. the u.s. warned the russians about their plan. what did this really accomplish? >> i think that warning the
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russians was a smart move. president trump himself had tweeted during the campaign that it would be very risky for the united states to intervene militarily in syria because that might get it into direct confrontation with russia. i think informing the russians was very much part of the protocal. >> critics are implying there are consent with russia because they didn't prevent the missiles from striking their target. do you agree? >> yes, i think that if russia had wanted to stop the missiles they could have used antimissile air power they have in syria. >> i would like to talk a little bit more about the syrian observatory for human rights. they are claiming warplanes carried out more strikes. less than 24-hours after our strike we are seeing they are back in the air again with yet
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another attack. what is the next step? >> there are certainly the nature of chemical weapons. they are legal since 1925. the abolition ratified by the international community in 1993 that syria supposedly signed on to in 2013. the chemical weapons use is horrific and different. at the same time, let's remember in terms of the number of people killed it is a tiny fraction of the more than 85,000 civilians who died in the war in syria. indeed, since trump came to office, a u.s. airstrikes in syria and iraq, killed a thousand civilians. we are not in the great place to take the moral high ground here.
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the united states has been bombing syria since 2014. primarily going after isis and  other hard lying islamist groups. what makes us different is this is the first direct deliberate attack against the syrian government in response to this horrific use of chemical weapons against civilians in talent on tuesday. >> many people talking now. critics saying they feel the obama administration should have done what trump did. do you agree? >> at least the diplomatic agreement made it so syria's chemical weapons were reduced. it is the first time they used gas since then. they have used chlorine gas which was not part of the agreement on a number of
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occasions. president obama recognized he did not have congressional consent to do so. indeed the republican majority of congress was clear they were not going to give him that authorization. then private citizen donald trump was pushing very hard against obama taking lateral action. the fact that president trump had less respect for the constitution than obama did doesn't mean that obama was necessarily wrong here. >> lawmakers are urging president trump to consent and have congressional approve with further action taken. the u.s. saying they are prepared to take further action. at this time they are not detailing any of that information. we'll continue to follow the latest developments in syria. thank you very much for your time today. still to come here a big win for governor jerry brown. it means drivers will be paying
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more at the gus pump. details on the new tax approved to pay for road repairs through the state. the senate confirming neil gorsuch as the country's newest supreme court justice. we'll sit down with political analyst to talk about the confirmation and what it means to have neil gorsuch on the nation's highest court. live-stream your favorite sport
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we are joined by our political analyst. what is neil gorsuch mean for the u.s. supreme court? >> i think he replaces antonin scalia. they are both conservatives. neil gorsuch becomes the youngest person on the supreme court since clarence thomas. he brings conservative majority to the courts. for people who are more progressive they have concerns about how neil gorsuch will come down on certain cases. >> specifically let's talk about the cases roe versus wade, immigration, gay rights. what could he mean? >> depending how conservative he wants to be. he could be very important. there are cases like the hobby lobby and little sisters cases where he said you should not be able to force people to provide
4:22 pm
contraceptive opportunities if it runs against your religious valley valley grews. he is known as an originalist. he believes in the written word of the constitution as the founders wrote it. we really don't know. he hasn't taken specific positions on row v wade. you have to look at the 2700 other cases to see which ones may be give you an idea as to how he is thinking. one thing that i think surpris ed a lot of people about antonin scalia was he could break from a conservative point of view and sometimes often to defend people that he thought were really disadvantaged. we may find that with neil gorsuch as well. we just don't know. >> let's talk about the
4:23 pm
so-called nuclear option. the senate changing the rules so they only needed 51 votes opposed to 60 votes to approve him. as we look in the long term, what kind of impact will this have by crossing that threshold and changing that rule that's been in effect for years? >> what it does is it means from now on, unless the rules change again, which is highly unlikely, a supreme court justice can be appointed with 51 votes opposed to that 60 threshold which provided for more debated on both sides of the issue and votes. i tell you, the democrats did not think this one through. this wasn't the one to fight. it was the next one. neil gorsuch is replacing another conservative. they could have yelled and screamed and let it go. the next time president trump has a pick, then you maybe go to war on that one.
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this, i think has incredible implications for democrats if they are out of power. >> let's talk about the divide in washington. you have been in politics for years. you have been following politics for years. what is going on? >> what is going on in washington reflects what is going on in the country. we are fairly divided. that is not always a bad thing. we are red states, blue states. 51%, 49% around the country. it is being reflected in our national politics. folks are going to washington, d.c. saying i have to represent my base irrespective of the actual argument at play. i have either got to stay with my democrats or my republicans. it is a tough time in washington. >> do you ever see them coming back together or is the new norm? >> i think we'll find a time when events internationally or
4:25 pm
nationally bring people back together. people appreciate and understand our constitution. that's why i have the best hopes for washington, d.c. i alsos to. >> appreciate it. >> absolutely. we are waiting governor brown's signature on a bill to increase gas prices to pay for road repairs. the plan calls for an additional tax of 12-cents and vehicle registration fees will go up $175 depending on the car you drive. there will be a $100 annual fee on zero emission vehicles beginning in 2020. republicans criticize the governor's plan arguing the state has a high tax burden. >> those who are poverty stricken in california are the worse because it is higher gas tax and diesel tax and vehicle registration fees are going up. average family could cost $300 to $400 a year. we have billion of dollars that should be spent on
4:26 pm
transportation ignored by the majority of the party. >> the vehicle registration increase will be effective january 1st. europe hit by a terror attack in sweden. the investigation underway after a stolen truck plowed into people near a crowded department store. this weekend at bass pro shops earn double rewards points on select gear from the best brands. like redhead men's gray's creek henleys. for under $13. save 20% on a bass pro aluminum fish fryer. merrell men's trailwik waterproof hikers for under $90
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authorities in sweden have a suspect in custody tonight. a stolen truck plowed into a crowd outside of a department store killing 14 people and injuring the others. >> reporter: another deadly attack in europe. a driver crashing a large hijacked truck into a department store in stockholm killing multiple people. people running for safety following the crash. smoke could be seen billowing
4:29 pm
from where the truck plowed into the building. >> translator: sweden has been attacked. everything indicates this is a terror attack. >> reporter: first responder on the scene as people lie on the ground. the attack prompting a nearby train station to be evacuated. witnesses describe the horror of what they saw. >> translator: when it came to a halted we saw men lying turned wheel. it was horrible to see. >> reporter: vehicles now a usual weapon in terror attacks, the incident comes over two weeks after a man drove into that crowd on london's westminster bridge before fatally stabbing a police officer. last summer an attack in nice, france. a dozen dies in another attack at a berlin christmas market in december. >> i would like to offer my condolences to the governor of sweden and the victims of the senseless attack in stockholm. we have been reminded that terrorism affects many countries. we are united in our shared
4:30 pm
resolve. >> reporter: the crash scene in stockholm is close to where in 2010 a man detonated a suicide bomb killing himself and injuring two others. he rigged the car with explosives. fortunately it didn't blow up. in london fox news. twitter dropped the lawsuit against the federal government. coming up we'll speak with our tech expert about what the case means going forward. forensic experts still on the scene in san bruno where human remains were found this the back yard and inside this home. we'll have the latest on this investigation coming up.
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>> reporter: a man neighbors identify hasn't been seen in three weeks. two weeks ago we are told he introduced himself to one of ben's neighbors and said he was looking after ben's business
4:34 pm
affairs while he was out of town. >> one day i went to get my mail. i never saw him before. he was standing there. he said hello how are you? i was like who is that guy? he walked across the street and shook my hand. he told me that he was taking care of ben's business. >> reporter: ben hasn't been seen since. some time this week someone was driving ben's vehicles. police say the san mateo county coroner will make positive identification of the remains. back here life the police department are reattaching barricades from the vehicles. the crimes lab people have left. now they have officers stationed here. it is still not clear whose remains are in the back of the house. neighbors tell us there was an elderly woman who lived with david and she has not been seen
4:35 pm
in several weeks, if not months. there is a question what happened to her. we'll try to have more answers coming up in the next hour. live in san bruno back to you. >> do we know at all what lead them to start digging in the backyard? >> reporter: they came to house as part of that missing person's case from a different address about a quarter of a mile down the road that way. they came to check with him because of that. the neighbor said he was in the area saying i'm ben's friend and i'm taking care of his business. the neighbor said he came back a second time and said if you see anybody lurking around outside of ben's house give me a call. here's my number. i live over here. that's what tipped investigators off and brought them here. once here, that's when they found the remains in the backyard and inside the house. now they are trying to determine whose remains these are.
4:36 pm
he's been arrested for murder, charged with murder, robbery, burglary excetera. now we are seeing whose remains these are. they have not said this is ben's remains. neighbors told us there was an elderly woman living in this house. she hasn't been seen either. a lot of questions here. >> i want to make sure i heard you right. you said they found remains inside the house, as well? >> reporter: inside the house and in the backyard. both. yes. >> thank you very much. twitter dropped a lawsuit against the department of homeland security saying demands that prompted the suit that twitter reveal the uniter for an account has been with drawn. i'm joined by our tech expert. tell us a little bit about what lead to the original lawsuit. >> reporter: last month the federal government ordered twitter to release information about the account they have
4:37 pm
that's critical of the trump administration in their immigration policies. yesterday twitter sued the federal government blocking the unmasking of that account holder. they said the order was unlawful. they said it could set a bad precedent. if i quote the words in the suit it said it would have a grave and chilling effect on others voicing their opinions. the account is called alt under score uscis. it had 3 2,000 follows. a few months ago they had 160,000 followers. they claim to be an employee of the immigration service. they posted messages at odds with the white house policies. the administration is trying to clampdown on leaks. back after the inauguration when there was dust up about the parks and how many people were at the inauguration, ever
4:38 pm
since then the trump administration has tried to clampdown on leaks and control the administration's message. there is an important thing for them to do. it raises privacy issues. the aclu got involved saying it is a first amendment right of this person. they can say whatever they want. twitter has a long history of defending the first amendment for users. >> do you think it was a violation of free speech? >> one of the aclu lawyers are saying that's why the federal government backed down so quickly because it was a violation they were asking for the information. in 24-hours they rescinded their order once twitter said they would fight them. >> what do you make of them rescinding their order deciding they are no longer demanding that information? >> i think certainly says while the trump administration would love to know who these whistle blowers are or who these people
4:39 pm
leaking information they can not go after them. otherwise they would have started a fight with twitter like the fbi with apple. you remember back with the san bernardino terrorist and the fbi wanted to get into the i- phone. apple said no. they went toe-to-toe with apple and said we want that information. they thought they had a right. the fact homeland security backed down quickly tells us maybe they knew they were in the wrong. >> what does this mean for social media and tech company going forward? >> we'll see a lot more accounts come out. there is one called alt underscore labor for the labor day department. one called bad lands eps and rogue epa staff. all accounts are claiming they are owned by people that currently work for the federal government or have worked for the federal government. they are leaking secretss or attive facts for the
4:40 pm
government's policies. they have a gag order saying we don't want the user we are going after to know we are going after them and disclose to them that we are doing this. this order didn't have that. >> thank you for your time. it is a pleasure to have you on the show. >> you you ear welcome. it is a soggy start to bay area weekend. we'll looking to at your friday night and how long before this system will move out and dry weather will return coming up.
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kevin durant returning to the warriors lineup tomorrow. >> we are getting ever closer to the moment of truth for the golden state warriors. since they acquired kevin durant there is only one thing that's a goal. it is the championship. they brought him here for that purpose. everybody was worried when think went down a month ago as to there the dreams would go crashing down with them. the world
4:44 pm
warriors figured out how to play well with him. argueably the greatest player on earth. steph curry fans would argue. he's passed every test along the way. he looks great. he'll play against the pelicans tomorrow night at the oracle. i'm guessing within 15 to 20 minutes then wrap him up as we get close. there is only three regular season games left. durant talked today about what it was like having the game he loved so much taken away from him and how the staff helped him through it. >> the training staff did an unbelievable job keeping me sane for the last five weeks. a few days i went over the deep end. that's part of it. i play basketball for a living. i have been doing it my whole life. somebody takes your job away and something happens and you cannot do what you want to do every single day your patience runs thin a little bit. that's the just human nature.
4:45 pm
i just try to fight through it. and know every day wasn't going to be perfect mentally. i didn't have any doubts that i would be able to play again or come back. it was a matter of me staying strong and fighting. >> ironically the warriors announced steph curry probably won't play tomorrow night because if you saw the game against phoenix the other night, he took a few spills. he has a contusion on his left knee. >> they are still the number one seed. >> they have everything wrapped up that they can do in the regular season. they'll have home court advantage through the playoffs and integrate kevin back into their system. >> aside from that game curry has been hot since kd has been gone. will kd have to take a step back and let steph lead? >> interest questioning. he was asked something similar to that. kevin said it is not like we are learning to play with each other.
4:46 pm
we played 50 something games before i was hurt. we know each other's moves. i kind of liked when kevin was on. steph reasserted himself. it is his team. i kind of feel like it should be that way with kevin durant, a beautiful, i don't want to say sidekick. this team is flat out loaded with talent. as i said there is only one thing that means success for the warriors this year. that's a world championship. the push to a parade is on. >> quickly, in the eastern conference it is probably going to be the celtics or cavaliers. the warriors to get to the championship game will have to go through the san antonio spurs. can they do that? >> i don't think there is any question when they are healthy the warriors are the best team in basketball. but you have to prove it. most people thought they were best team in basketball last year. they didn't win it. i think a lot of fans really want to see that trilogy. they want to see the cavaliers
4:47 pm
against the warriors best two out of three for the championship. at this juncture i like the way the warriors are playing as a team. you add a player of the magnitude of kevin durant i don't see it as a problem. >> thank you very much. let's talk about our weather now. over to rosemary. some of those winds last night. you were telling me 60 miles per hour or so on the bay bridge? >> right and peeking near 70 on some of the peeks. definitely damaging winds. took down trees. took down power lines. a lot of folks out of power. we have another system coming our way. not as strong. i'll detail it coming up. giving you a live look plenty of cloud cover all around the bay today. a few passing showers. it is pretty much what we saw time to time. saw sun come out in oakland earlier today. with all the cloud cover in place, not much to be seen in the way of sunshine.
4:48 pm
here's a look at rainfall totals from the first system. santa rosa two inches. santa cruz mountains two inches. san francisco almost an inch. oakland almost an inch. redwood city almost an inch. some of the wind gusts peeking at 76 miles per hour. point rays 70. a few sprinkles in the eving drive. it picks up in the evening hours if you are out tonight.
4:49 pm
maybe keep the rain gear handy over the north bay. it is favored their. moderate rain begins to pick up at 9:00. 10:00 to 11:00 it is bear i will wide-spread. we are more than likely to get that between 9:00 and 11:00 maybe 9:00 and midnight. we are starting out tomorrow morning a few scattered showers. by noontime it finally begins to taper off. we are left with dry weather for the second half of saturday. sunday looks dry, as well. as far as the winds i expect they'll pick up tonight. picking up on a few gusts. 30 miles per hour livermore. 18 concorde. 2 the san francisco as well as oakland. late night hours could be a little bit stronger. then it passes and tomorrow morning we have a light breeze. one more round coming our way tonight. not as strong as the what we saw last night. tomorrow morning we wake up with a few scattered showers. temperatures in the low 40s to low 50s. 43 santa rosa. 50 san francisco. 49 san jose. afternoon highs tomorrow going to be cool. take a looking to at these
4:50 pm
numbers. 54 san francisco. 56 oakland. 58 concorde. even though we are drying out, expect it to be a cool day. perhaps a breezy day for many. a little bit better on sunday partly cloudy skies. temperatures bounce back in the low 60s. dry on monday for the giants home opener. dry tuesday. but that chance for showers coming back our way or wednesday. i will add one more thing before i toss it back, if you are going to the sierra there is an advisory for the roadways until tomorrow afternoon. just be prepared for that. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a family in concorde heart broken. their plea to find a missing therapy dog after the break. live-stream your favorite sport
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a family in continue card is pleaing for help to find the special therapy dog that disappeared last weekend. it is an english springer spaniel and helps carson. he has an emotional separation deficiency likely caused when carson's twin died in the womb. the family went out of town last weekend and the dog escaped from the yard. >> he is like any brother to me. he is like my best friend. he is like my bestest brother. i don't know anyone better than him. i could talk to him. if anyone has him at your house could you please give me back my dog. i really miss him. i can't even think without him. >> just breaks your heart. you can see how emotional he is about the dog. so far there have been two
4:54 pm
sitings playing in the front yard sunday morning. another neighbor claims he say fin on a nearby street. a dog missing since monday and thought to have drowned in that boating accident in marin county was found alive. firefighters found the missing dog slivering on shore north of dylan beach. one of the men on board a 47- year-old from san jose died in the accident. another man and second dog were rescued. despite three days in elements yoda appeared to be in good health. brick and mortal retailers are struggling. how one store is using technology to revive revenue and lure more customers in the door. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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music: crave van! the retail sector is taking big hits this week. one store is banking on tech to build business. here's more. it's been a doozy of a week for retail. paralyzed filed for bankruptcy protection. off lord reveal plans to shutter its flagship polo store on new york's fifth avenue. there is one potential bright spot in the department store segment. despite a year and a half of sale designs, neiman marcus is letting will revive revenue in the were more customers in the
4:58 pm
door. >> people are looking for what's in for me and what's the brand doing and how they are engaging with me. >> new tools have been tested. employ devices to give a brief summary of each customer. >> if she likes product, chanel or she likes beauty. they can quickly get a snapshot either online, and that allows them to serve her better. >> those touch points are more -- out more -- a more loyal customer base with remorse programs gets neiman marcus a protected. all of that is in the right direction retail analysts say personalization that provides overall shopping experience is
4:59 pm
key and they need to prove why that is valuable before e- commerce takes the next generation of shoppers completely online. in new york, foxbusiness. ktvu fox news at 5:00 starts now. homeowners in the oakland hills are nervous after a landslide forces evacuations. engineers are checking a series of damaged houses just as more rain and set to move in. tensions rise after president trump authorizes an airstrike against syria. more than 50 missiles at an air base that was home to the planes that carried out a deadly chemical attack earlier this week. good evening, everyone i am frank somervell. that powerful storm that swept the bay area cause plenty of damage. tonight three homes are red tagged after a major landslide in the oakland hills. this right here is new video from the slide zone. this is east of highway 13 in the montclair district.
5:00 pm
engineers have been assessing the damage to the home on banning drive and on they can drive just above. that road was seriously undermined by the slide in last night about half a dozen homes were evacuated with mud pouring into this home on banning. >> it made it into the back bedroom and into the hallway. partly into the second bedroom. through the whole backyard. and there was part of a tree on a rough. it looks like several trees are coming down. >> fortunately no one was hurt but 23 homes have lost water service in the area. power was knocked out for a time. is not yet clear if the landslide was triggered by a problem with the water line or perhaps by all of the heavy rain. live pictures from sky fox of the cleanup efforts underway right now in the bay. a barge went down during last night storm. right now the coast guard is working to contain le


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